Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion Revealed

That is right! The long awaited multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy XV is about to hit, and boy is it shaping up to be amazing!

By now, you should probably know what the Final Fantasy XV multiplayer update entails. If you don’t, then boy are you in for a treat! In this DLC, you and up to three other people will be able to complete various quests and battles together. The game is set shortly after Chapter 13 of the game. We know that a few of those people who are reading may not have played the game, so we are going to try and keep this spoiler free as much as possible!

Final Fantasy XVIn this update, entitled ‘Comrades’, players will play the role of a member of the Kingsglaive. You will be given royal sigils that contain fantastic powers. These powers will (hopefully) be unique to each player in the team. The idea is that you will be able to balance your team out based upon the powers that each one of your holds. It will act as a sort-of MMORPG in that regard.

Of course, this update is all about creating a character and improving it. While the bulk of the action is going to take place online, Square Enix have promised that there will be several single player quests that you will be able to dive into too. These single player quests are all about enhancing your character and improving your overall ‘strength’ so that you can tackle those even bigger multiplayer missions.

At the moment, there is no indication as to the scope of the multiplayer experience. We are willing to wager that you will be able to lose a few dozen hours in the DLC, if not more. The wonderful thing about the way in which this is being set-up is that Square Enix are leaving open the possibility that the multiplayer experience can be expanded upon in the future. They will already have the online code in place, as well as the way in which they run their missions. However, of course, you can expect them to charge for any further updates to the multiplayer experience.

Comrades will be released starting on October 31st 2017. Those who have the season pass for the game will be able to download the multiplayer expansion without paying anything additional. Those who just want the DLC will need to pay for it. At the moment, we have no word on pricing. We can’t imagine that it is going to be on the cheaper side of things, though. This is promising to be a rather substantial update to the Final Fantasy XV world. Of course, this update is currently only scheduled to hit the PS4 and the Xbox One (you will need to subscribe to the online service for these platforms). However, the full game is going to be released on the PC in the future. Square Enix have promised that the expansion will be coming to it too.

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