Final Fantasy XV May be Coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

We know that PC will be getting Final Fantasy XV soon. We also know that a ‘trimmed down’ version will be hitting mobile devices. This means that the only console left without the Final Fantasy XV game in some form would be the Nintendo Switch. However, this looks set to all change.

The Nintendo Switch has, of course, been selling like hotcakes. By all accounts, it was the biggest selling console in the last quarter. You may think that this is natural because it is a new console, but it is not. Consoles tend to sell most during the midpoint of their life cycle, so the PS4 and the Xbox One should have shifted more, but they did not. This means that the Nintendo Switch, unlike the Wii U, is the perfect place for third party developers.

The director of the game, Hajime Tabata, has been running tests on whether a Switch port was possible. They say that the tests have been completed and the early reports seem very promising. Of course, you can’t expect the game to have the same graphical fidelity as the other consoles and PC versions of the game, but it should still be pretty decent. The company is trying to work out the exact way in which they should port the game over.

Nintendo SwitchWe do have much love for Square Enix in this regard. They are a company that has demonstrated that they care about the way that a port of a game looks. This is why they are taking so long on the PC version. Unlike other companies, they tend not to take that ‘one size fits all’ approach to everything. They go down the route of working out whether that game will look amazing on a particular format, rather than just putting it there for the sake of making more money.

These discussions are not just taking place in the Square Enix offices, either. Oh no. by all accounts, the team working on Final Fantasy XV have started to speak to the team at Nintendo to work out the best way in which they can port the game over and whether it would be suitable for their format. We are going to imagine that Nintendo love the idea of having the game ported over after all, having Final Fantasy on their console will almost certainly be a system seller.

It is unlikely that if Final Fantasy XV does come over to the Nintendo Switch that we will see the multiplayer DLC for the game, mainly because Nintendo does not make online play that easy at the moment which would really hamper the playing experience. We can’t imagine that this is something that the Final Fantasy XV team would want.

If the game is going to come to the format, then we would expect an announcement pretty quickly, particularly since a lot of the work has been put into ensuring the game works thus far, and the fact that they are talking about it quite heavily.

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September 30, 2017 - 10:21 am

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