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Playstation 4

Since the end of last year, Sony has sold over 6 million of its PlayStation 4 console around the globe. The number is rising each and every day too. Today (well, yesterday, or perhaps the day before?) Sony came right out and said that gamers in Europe and North America are going to have to deal with very low stock of the PlayStation 4 up until the Summer.

In a joint statement, Sony Entertainment Europe and Sony Entertainment North America said that there is just not enough stock to go around. They are attempting to cope with the demand, but sadly they do not expect that demand can be met until well into the Summer. This means that if you are trying to search for a PlayStation 4, if you see one, you should snap it up straight away as you never know when you will encounter one again!

Playstation 4It is times like this that makes me believe that Microsoft was being a little bit sensible when it came to the launch of their console. Many gamers claimed that Microsoft opting to launch in only a few territories at the start was a bad move. However, I do not think it is. It has allowed them to build up their supply levels for when they launch in more territories in September, and they have had very few disgruntled customers who have had to opt for other consoles because there was no stock (trust me, people do this!). To be honest, the sales of their console comes very close to the Sony unit despite being launched in very few markets to begin with.

Now, there is something that the cynic inside of me just won’t shut up about. So, I just want to let my opinion out there. It is my belief that there are more than enough PlayStation 4 units to go around. I mean, seriously, Sony is a massive electronics corporation. If they wanted to do so, they could pump out more PlayStation 4 units than you can shake a stick at in a very short period of time. They have known the demand for a while. They have the facility to cope with this demand. This is why I believe that stating that the PlayStation 4 is low stock wise is nothing more than a clever marketing technique. If you claim that something is low in stock then people are going to believe that there is a good reason for it. Like they are missing out by not having a PlayStation 4. This means that a ton of people are going to snap them out, whether they wanted one or not, as soon as they go ‘back into stock’. To be honest with you, around here I have seen very few companies that have no stock of the PlayStation 4. I truly believe that there is a lot more out there than Sony are letting on. To be honest though, if this marketing technique works, I can bear no grudges.

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April 8, 2014 - 8:07 pm

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