The Evil within: First Story DLC Released

The Evil Within

I absolutely love Story DLC. Not enough companies produce it nowadays. Most companies seem to produce a couple of skins for their weapons or perhaps add a new map and call it a day. This is not how DLC should be done. DLC should properly expand on the game, much like the expansion packs of days gone by. Thankfully the developers behind ‘The Evil Within’ have the right idea. They have just launched the first story based DLC for the game; The Assignment.

In ‘The Assignment’, you will play the role of ‘Juli Kidman’ (voiced by Dexter Actress Jennifer Carpenter., The main character from the game, Sebastian Castellanons, is nowhere in sight. Don’t worry though as the game plays pretty much the same as the main campaign.

The story of ‘The Assignment’ takes place at the same time as the main campaign. This means that many of the questions that were left unanswered in ‘The Evil Within’ finally get an answer. The sotyr is pretty decent too. In the story you will learn a little bit about the relationship that Juli Kidman has with ‘Mobius’, and just what her motivations really are. For those who are unaware; Mobius is the secret organization who are believed to be behind everything that happens in ‘The Evil Within’. The DLC is scheduled to be a ‘two part’ DLC with the second part launching in spring (you will have to buy them separately unless you have the season pass of course)

The Evil WithinThere is plenty to do in the first DLC. Much of it is focused on the new enemies though, and they are incredibly scary. Although what can you really expect from the creator of the Resident Evils series? There are plenty of things to discover, although you will be left with a lot of questions that will not go answered until the second DLC later on this year. Having played through this DLC already I can tell you that it is incredibly scary. Do not play it at night. Trust me on that one!

You are able to pick up the DLC across all formats today. The DLC is part one of two pieces of DLC planned for the game. The second, currently entitled ‘The Consequence’, is scheduled to land sometime in the spring. The final expansion, known as ‘The Executioner’ is scheduled to be launched later this year. The Executioner is scheduled to be an even bigger expansion pack. In that you will play the role of the bad guy, although we have very little information about that at the moment. If you are planning to purchase all three of the DLCs, and you should because this game is fantastic, then I suggest that you pick up the season pass in order to save yourself roughly $10 (that is like…almost a whole new game!)

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