Silent Hill Heading to the PlayStation Vita

Silent Hill

Despite having a fairly slow start, the PlayStation Vita has really started to pick up pace with the number of decent titles being launched for it. We have a semi-port of Borderlands 2 around the corner to deal with. I say a semi-port, it is pretty much the same game albeit with a bit of a graphics downgrade, we know also have to deal with the announcement of two Silent Hill games being launched on the PlayStation Vita pretty soon. Sadly these are not original games and will thus be nothing new for fans of the series. However, for those who are into a bit of survival horror then you may be a bit pleased about what is coming around the corner.

The first game is Silent Hill: Origins. Survival Horror lovers will know that this game originally launched in 2007 back on the good old PlayStation Portable. About a year later it is was given an upgrade and landed on the PlayStation 2. Whilst it was a fairly decent game it certainly was not a patch on the originals in the series. To be honest though, I think very few sequels come close to the originals. I still absolutely LOVE the original Resident Evil despite the cheesy voice acting and better titles being launched later in the series. What can I say, I do love a bit of nostalgia. That is exactly the same way I feel about the Silent Hill games. The originals can’t be topped. The next game may come close though.

Silent HillBack in 2010, Shattered Memories was launched for the Nintendo Wii. This game was basically a ‘remake’ of the original game in the series, albeit with a couple of nifty new features. It was a hit. People absolutely loved it. Sadly it did not sell as well as it should have done. It was released on a console which people do not really head to when it comes to survival horror games. Sure, the Wii is great and all, and it sold millions of units (more than any other console that generation), but the lack of sales of this game was a result of the lack of a target market. Thankfully the game is now being relaunched on the PlayStation Vita. Based on the trailer it looks to be pretty good too.

For those that are wondering about when the games will be released, you are not in luck. As of the time of writing there has been no firm word from anybody about the launch of the games. We only know they are coming. They may not even come this year. The titles will be downloadable only. You will be able to pick them up for £7.99 a piece. Again, at the time of writing they have only been confirmed for the European and Asian markets. There is no word as to whether they will hit North America or not. To be honest though, with a franchise this big I really so no reason as to why they would not land there.

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