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Elder Scrolls Online

Those that know me will know that I am in general a pretty laid-back person. I have very little worries in life, particularly when it comes to gaming. There is very little that bugs me. However, there is one thing that will send me into a steaming range each and every time I see it happen; it is the launch of a game which is riddled with bugs that SHOULD have been caught by the developer. There are many developers out there that think they can pump out a sub-par game knowing that it is easier than ever before to release a patch to bring it up to scratch. Actually, thinking about it there are 2 things that annoy me in the world of gaming. The second is those which sit idly by allowing developers to get away from this. I have seen VERY little criticism of ZeniMax and the bugs in TESO. Many people are saying ‘hey, it is an MMORPG, things like this are bound to happen’. No my friends, they are not. The majority of games have pretty smooth launches, small bugs not noticed in beta testing may creep through, but for the most part there is nothing big. ZeniMax has turned this idea on its head.

The Elder Scrolls OnlineDespite extensive Beta testing the game is currently riddled with bugs. People have noticed items disappearing, stats bring reset, and even item duplication glitches sneaking into the game. This has completely destroyed the gaming experience. ZeniMax have even stated that there is no way to get the stats back, although I believe they are currently in the process of mailing out ‘lost items’. Neither of these glitches have been patched.

One bug which is in the process of being fixed – sort of – is an item duplication glitch which has pretty much destroyed the economy on most servers. Many people have been able to gain billions of  gold by glitching the game. They have even ended up with full legendary equipment. It is said that thousands of people have been banned from the game already as a result of this glitch occurring. The glitch has yet to be fixed.

In a bit to fix the item duplication ZeniMax have had to ‘turn off’ a key feature of the game. This is the guild bank. There is no word on when it will be switched on again. It is likely that we may see a few more features turned off in the coming days. The system is completely broken at the moment. In fact, it is so broken that ZeniMax are actually suggesting that item trades take place through other avenues to the ones that they have set up in the game. It is completely crazy. However, there are still people sitting idly by thinking that glitches do occur. I hope for their sake the game is fixed quickly. Otherwise we may be dealing with another free to play MMORPG on our hands.

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May 23, 2014 - 1:28 pm

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