Humble Bundle Set to Launch Indie Bundle 10

The Humble Bundle

If you are active in the PC gaming world then you will have heard of Humble Bundle. If you haven’t then you have missed out on some seriously good (and cheap!) gaming. This company has completely revitalized the PC Gaming industry. Let me explain what they are all about.

Humble Bundle are all about bundling together some fantastic games, many of these games being redeemable on Steam. Now, bundling together PC games is nothing new. Companies have been doing it for years. However, this is where Humble Bundle does things differently.

The Humble BundleThe thing is, there is no real ‘set’ price when it comes to purchasing a bundle from them. You can pay whatever you want. If you pay over a certain amount then you may get a couple of extra games thrown in on top, but for the most part, you are going to get games (a whole host of them) for as little as a $1.00. You can’t really turn your nose up at that, right?

All of the money that Humble Bundle generates from its bundles is donated directly to charity. The charities change each and every month. I know that I have justified numerous times to my girlfriend that I can purchase from them as I am helping people in need! (you can use the same excuse too, it works, trust me!).

The second thing that Humble Bundle does differently is the fact that the games that they actually include in their bundles are good with their Indie bundles being especially good in particular. This is why so many people are excited about the launch of the 10th Indie Bundle (it has been a long time coming!) In the past fantastic games such as Bastion, Super Meat Boy, Fez and Trine 2: The Complete Story (all brilliant in their own right, even at full price) appearing in the bundles.

It is difficult to predict what is actually going to be launching in the bundle tonight. However, all indications are that this is going to be one of the best yet. They have promoted it incredibly heavily, and they even have a set of special games  ready for the first 1,000 people to snap up the deal (do not even try to be one of the first thousand. When they launch a bundle it will ship thousands within seconds. You would have to be very lucky to even stand a chance of grabbing one). If you have used Humble Bundle before then you will know what is in store for you. If you haven’t, well, be prepared for awesomeness!

You will be able to check out the 10th Incarnation of the Indie Bundle when the clock strikes 11am PST. If you live in GMT time zones then that will be 7pm. At the moment, everything is shaping up to be quite epic. I have not known the company to promote a bundle like this ever. Get in there quick when it goes up. Remember, the quicker you get ‘in’, the cheaper you are going to get those games!

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